Risk traffic light - Foreword - Avian influenza

Risk traffic light - Foreword - Avian influenza

Usage instructions

On the following pages you have the opportunity to have the risk of avian influenza entering your poultry farm assessed.

First, we ask you to provide general farm data. vThese are stored anonymously without providing personal data.
Subsequently, you will be asked a total of 100 questions on three risk areas (securing the farm, securing the house and work processes).
In the next step, you will receive a risk assessment for your poultry operation, displayed in traffic light colors.
Finally, an optimization analysis shows you which measures would make your operation even safer. The criteria that still need to be optimized are listed according to their epidemiological significance. You can save this list as a PDF file and use it to adapt your own biosafety concept.

In your own interest, we ask you to answer honestly. Only then can the risk of entry be realistically assessed.

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